Winter Warrior

Available through 5/30/20
Close up heap of spa stones with water d
In ancient times the Native people would collect stones heated by the sun to warm and soften muscle tissue prior to introducing the stones chilled by cold ocean, river or lake water to bring pain relief and reduce inflammation.
Winter warrior alternates hot and cold temperatures improving lymphatic drainage and helping support a healthy immune system.
The vasodilation from the heat and the vasoconstriction from the cold, force the circulatory system to move body fluids quickly to achieve detoxifying, pain free results. This is a comfortable, long lasting deep tissue therapy that restores balance and harmony.
Winter is the time of death and purification in most Native American traditions, it was always respected because it was considered strong, powerful and threatening.

Winter Warrior at Everything Zen blends  


                                         and Cold Stones

bamboo-fusion Trans 10 b.png

creating a very unique therapy

Our version of Winter Warrior at Everything Zen begins by incorporating warmth from smooth bamboo sticks and completing with sleek cold stones of various sizes.

Deep, steady strokes are used in this massage creating a feel of silky, fluidity.

Pure tranquility for the mind, body and soul.

pain relief
inflammation reduction
improves mood
decreases anxiety
increased energy
increased circulation
decreases high blood pressure
relaxes spasms
improves lymphatic drainage

90 Minutes | $145